BRING BACK Cubase5 look

I apologize for my language, but…

Please, bring back Cubase5 look entirely as an option in Cubase menu!
Make a patch or whatever you figure that will work, so that the users could decide which way to go…5 or xx , as all these new looks and windows are horrible…
Sure the features in the new versions are superior that those in 5 no qiestion, and I have no problem with those things, but when it comes to “look and feel”, well those have drastically worsen!!!

The old Cubase 5 had a feel of a real console, something that is built by a human, due to the 3d look of the knobs, switches and faders …where as this new spacey look just makes me freaking forget I’m in music… Can’t really concentrate on music and mixing but on the surface itself…Freaks me out every time! You build the ergonomics of the new version for little dance music composers, dj, sample and loops dragging kids and everything else you forgot to include. It looks like a freakin’ mobile app!

I don’t recall protools, reaper, frooty or logic taking that same step?!

Why did you took something that was perfect and destroyed it, ruined a beautiful layout and a holly worksuface? what for???

I am 42 years old, mixing engineer and live sound mixing engineer. I have worked in every version of Cubase and Nuendo and had worked in almost every pro daw out there. Worked on SSL consoles, D&R, Sony, TAC, MCI, Soundtracs, Digico, Yamaha, Midas …
I’m great fan of Steinberg… but guys, please bring back the old look as this newone is just not ok…

All the Best,


This definitely qualifies as a “to each their own” topic. The look of Cubase 5 never felt good to me, especially coming from Nuendo which always felt more “real world” and “pro” looking. I always go back and forth from Nuendo to Cubase with each new release just to see which one feels the most comfortable to me. The current look of both programs is absolutely wonderful. To “me”, which obviously doesn’t make it right or wrong, its just the way I like it.

Nice to “meet” you Nikola!


Sure,but only if we talk about Nuendo 4 :slight_smile:
Because if I buy a product, that costed 4x you pay for it now….I sure want to be able to enjoy it in the near future….it’s a software not a hardware :kissing_closed_eyes:
… and keep in mind that Joe Sturgis still uses cubase 5

I thought Cubase was best in it’s 6.5 version and I’ve since wondered if I was right to hold out so long before moving to C8 or C9 (I can’t remember one I finally purchased). To me C6.5 seemed more like a straight-ahead looking and operating recording desk. But Steinberg was done with the simple and functional looks. Eventually there were so many improvements to the function of Cubase that I had no choice but to go forward. My only consolation has been that Cubase still exists and that this forum still has helpful and informed members. Still, C12 is at times a non-intuitive software (for me) and something that causes more investigation than I like. But, eh, I can’t see Steinberg turning back.

Anyway, it was nice seeing this post because it reminded me that there was a time when I protested the changes that Steinberg made to Cubase. And likewise, it makes me feel better about a recent criticism I made to iZotope regarding their current GUIs and user controls. Now here’s a company that has really moved away from the functional to the bizarre, imo. Although I like the results of their software, I think the GUI controls are lame.

Last word, I can only imagine that software companies in general these days are trying to reach a younger consumer. Q to them: Do 12 year old skateboarders have any interest in a DAW?

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Bring back the Pro24 look!!

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Well, it should ease the transition of all the cracked Cubase 5 users trying out the current version of Cubase for real…


Give us the Cubase 13 look!


I don’t mind the mixer so much here, and I had long switched over to Logic by the time Cubase 5 was out (I jumped after it turned into SX), but I gotta give Steinberg props for the mixer design in Cubase VST.

I started with Cakewalk in the DOS days and went along with Cakewalk Pro Audio as it came out. The mixer in Cakewalk was a nightmare that had to basically be created from scratch (much like creating something in Logic Platinum’s MIDI Environment). When it was time to move on, between Logic Platinum and Cubase VST, the mixer is what sold me on it. It looked and worked like my actual mixer did. Didn’t require any setup or having to add knobs and faders for anything, it was ready to go. Logic’s was nice but it was those knobs, the sends, the effects rack, etc… Cubase’s mixer looked and acted like a real mixer. It was nice having something very familiar to work with there. I did not gel with the layout and look of Cubase when it became CubaseSX and that’s when I jumped ship to Emagic land, and then you know who came along and bought it and I just kinda stuck there until I came back last year… I kinda wish there were still actual send knobs in the Cubase mixer, but eh, the sliders work fine and at least now, unlike VST, you can use however many you want. VST24 and VST32 were limited to 4 or 8 I think (been awhile can’t remember).

You’d get my vote but it’s never gonna happen. Common sense GUIs are a thing of the past, sadly.

I like the current GUI but I miss this Transport Bar for real :slight_smile:


I think all the faders should be little bunny faces and the program should be renamed to Cubunny.
:rabbit2: :rabbit: :rabbit2:


Agree. I just checked out C5 screenshots on the web and I think it’s god-awful.


If you talk about colours and designs, I agree. But it had advantages.
e.g. The mixer had fewer buttons to show/hide stuff, all the ‘racks’ and channel types had exclusive buttons on the surface, and almost everything is hidden in C8 and after.
Notes drawn on MIDI parts were shown based on tracks, cutting a long event didn’t change appearance, same note always looked the same on the project window.
Waveforms didn’t change height when put inside a part.
The Colour of the notes in the background parts didn’t change, multi-part editing was much easier (maybe this was already changed in C5.).

plus …
everything stood out with more clarity
there was a very clear contrast between what was enabled or disable, on or off etc.
many things were easier to find quickly
many things took fewer clicks
There was far less clutter all round
windows were sized better, text wasn’t cut off
Most things were generally more intuitive
Various colours could be changed individually and not tied to a theme, if I wanted a light theme I could have a light theme. If I wanted black text on a light background, no problem.
Everything could be easily clicked by the mouse, some things now are just far too small.
A normal functioning title / menu bar that behaves as expected and doesn’t take over screen space.
That’s just off the top of my head - there’s much more.

Many of these things seem petty to many users but I like to work quickly, I like things to be intuitive, easy to find and stand out when things are enabled or disabled. I like things to happen with a single click or keypress where possible. Overall, I’m impatient and get frustrated easily. In SX I rarely used the manual, I hardly ever looked up anything - but when I did, I could do so with a simple press of F1 . Don’t get me wrong, Cubase 12 is mostly excellent but these niggles often make me want to just give it up with frustration. Pretty and easy on the eye mean nothing to me - not interested. Functionality and speed is all I really care about. Having to look up (and remember) things like yellow / orange for disabled / enabled - what’s the point? The whole world knows what red and green mean for this kind of thing. Just silly things that accumulate and aggravate over time.

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Flat, boring & dark is the latest trend in GUI design. Gimme fake 3D anyday…
Made the difference between text and actual buttons much clearer.

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I miss that is not working properly since cubase 8.5.

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I’m on Nuendo so I have four mixers, I’m not sure how many you have. But anyway, I set up each mixer according to what type of work I’m doing, and if I need to expand anything (unlikely) there’s typically a key command for it. And the way I see it the more efficient way is to use keys rather than mouse clicks.

C5 to me looks like ‘toy’ software.


Mattias, I think that the Nuendo forum is just a click away from where you are now, a bit more to the right from the cubase icon on the homepage. If you don’t mind… :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I appreciate the passive aggressiveness of course and I acknowledge that it may seem like I should have nothing to do with the Cubase section. But here’s the thing: Cubase and Nuendo are intimately connected. Bigger changes to the GUI of one will undoubtedly affect the other. So it’s a relatively safe bet that if people got what they wanted and they made Cubase look like v5 that would affect Nuendo as well.

In addition to that Steinberg would have to spend money on this and I’d rather they spent it on other things.

So, sorry, but I think you’ll have to live with the occasional post by me in this section.