I’m at the studio, I finish the mix, all that’s left to do is run a quick rough master version for the folder. I close Nuendo, open WaveLab Pro, and it tells me I don’t have a license for it. I tried a few more times because it wouldn’t be the first time Activation manager licensing caused me delays, but still no luck. So I open Activation Manager because that’s usually how I get it to remember that it has licenses for all the software, but Activation Manager’s spinning wheel never stopped. It showed that all the software was activated, which was nice to see that it didn’t forget, and its logged in but wasn’t loading all the way.
I gave up and decided to just do it in a new Nuendo project, since its just a rough master anyway, but now Nuendo won’t open either. Nuendo is telling me the same thing, even though I was just working in Nuendo a few minutes ago.

I was hoping to have the files zipped and ready to deliver before closing up shop tonight, but I can’t because this idiotic license software isn’t working right.
I understand that it is most likely an issue with Steinberg’s servers, but THAT is precisely why this is a terrible way to manage licenses. You know what I never had an issue with? eLICENSER! It was simple to add licenses to it, I could take it with me if I needed to work on another system for whatever reason, I just plugged it into a new computer if the computer ever bites the dust, and IT ALWAYS WORKED!! Not having to keep my business connected to the internet except to up/download files to/from clients momentarily was also much more secure. Now its committed the ultimate sin. Its wasting my time and time and money are one in the same.


Someway somehow it seem like i still use my Dongle (Cubase 10) but i understand that problem and also wish that Cubase keeps with the dongle instead of that online thing… i guess many users think same way

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I was inclined to agree with the OP’s view that the latest Nuendo requires a constant Internet connection and this has been one of my (several) reasons for not upgrading to N13. However, I’ve just launched Nuendo-13 Trial version with my internet connection disabled and it did launch correctly, although the recently introduced UAD UADx plugins do appear to require an active internet connection in N12 and N13. So perhaps the idea of running with no internet connection is no longer feasible. Although I suppose I could dump the UADx plugins and simply use their VST3 versions.

in order to use the UAD plugins offline you need an Ilok dongle…

Yes, I’ve got an iLok but they still don’t work for me with no internet connection.

This is simply not correct, the software does not need a constant Internet connection. You can read the description in the Knowledgebase

where you find a paragraph explaining this

You can also create a token for complete Offline activation, which is explained here


Yes Juergen I agree with you - I just found that out as I mentioned in my post. :frowning:

have you licensed them to ilok cloud or to the dongle? After licensing them to to dongle they have been working offline flawlessly on my M1 Macs…

This is getting a bit too ‘off topic’ but :
They appear to be licensed to something called the ‘I-Lok Cloud’.

I used UA-Connect to install them and that indicated that my I-Lok was being used. That’s all I know.

then you should try to move the licences from I-Lok-Cloud to your I-Lok dongle via the I-lok manager in order to use them offline. Sorry for beeing off topic but it was not me who startet the off topic…I just wanted to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom. I’ll give it a go.

You need to move the licenses from the cloud to the actual key. I also have several UAD native plugins, and it was activated in the cloud by default, but when you move them, no more internet is needed.

I’ve moved the UADx licenses (and a lot of others) off the cloud to a new I-Lok 3 Dongle and it all worked smoothly and perfectly - No Internet required now.

Over and Out.


For me is a great feature the Steinberg Activation Manager since you don’t depend of a USB dongle anymore. I used to work with Logic Pro in live events to avoid transport my e-license. AND same license can be used at studio in the main computer and in a laptop when you’re at home or in the venue.
Very happy here.

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