Bring back info line up/down cursor feature

Once upon a while… Nuendo had an easy feature. One single click on clip gain in info line, typing up or down arrow in info line then and we could quickly change clip gain by step of 1dB.

Single click has been replaced by double click on both Ndo/Cub then, ok, but it works too.

Now on Cubase 9 this feature doesn’t work anymore. We have to enter a value. What’s weird is that it still works in key editor. You can still change any value, velocity, note etc by double clicking and typing cursor key.

I used this quick feature many times every day. Why is it gone ?


There’re key commands to change clip gain by step of 1dB so assigning “alt+↑”“alt+↓” to it will help us a lot.

And about MIDI things, such as velocity and pitch, once right single clicking on value in info line, you can change values with up/down cursor.

+1 for the bring back single (or at least double) click info line up/down feature.

Regards :sunglasses:

You’re right there’s a key command for clip gain which saves us for now but other values can’t be changed that way.

Check your “Value box/Time Control Mode” settings and make sure

-Increment/Decrement on Left/Right Click- is selected. I had to change it after I upgraded to Cubase 9.
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 6.24.03 PM.png

Hi Evertone,

Thanks for the help, I had good hopes as I never went to this drop-down menu I guess.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work the way it should here. Left click decreases gain value by steps of 1dB per click. But rght-clicking opens the setup drop-down menu for the info line…

BTW the left/right click increase/decrease feature is not that safe imo. If ever you non-intentionnaly click on value the clip gain loses 1dB.

So again, why is the safe initial feature away, I mean ‘simple click + up/down’ on keyboard ?

Because of Evertone’s suggestion I checked this out too. It works as you described but (FYI) if you click the left mouse button, hold it down and click the right mouse button, it will raise the volume. Not very accurate or useful for my purposes.


I changed the option in the preferences to the “Increment/Decrement on Left-Click and Drag” option. That one works pretty good and I will use it until this feature request gets implemented. Cool beans :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:


Ok, I see what you mean, Left/Right click setting is useless cause right clicking brings up the menu. The arrow up/down makes more sense and provides safe and accurate increment/decrements.


This is the setting I use and it’s works good when dragging up/down slowly.

+1 for the arrow up/down setting.

With ‘increment/decrement-with-left/right-click’ selected, holding down left click makes the gain decrease untill left-click is depressed… No way to click right button together here.

Sure we can drag value up or down. But this is a workflow point : dragging a value means you focus on the value (I mean your eyes are focused on the value) and your mind is focused on the mouse dragging so as to go to the right one. The ‘click/up-down’ method lets you free to focus to the next thing you have to do already. No need to have a look to the keyboard, up/down arrows are easy to have under the fingers and you just have to type 5 times if you wish to lower 5dB. This repeated 10 or 50 times a day (or even more) makes the difference imo.

BTW, the initial ‘single-click/up-down-key’ is still available on Nuendo 7 !!! Why not on C9 ?

I’m back to this lost feature.

The key commands (increment/decrement event volume) which should take place now work way different than the original feature. I’d better say : this feature doesn’t work properly.

Let’s take two cues with different volumes. Increasing both cues volumes together with key command (let’s say +1dB) will put both cues at equal volume (!), based on the first cue initial gain.

  • 1st cue@0dB, 2nd@ +3DB. Increasing +1dB with KC, result : both cues @+1dB
  • 1st cue@+10dB, 2nd cue @-2dB. Increasing +1dB with KC, result : both cues @-1dB.

So, I still don’t understand why the “Click value/up-down cursor” feature has been lost in project window. It worked properly, it’s still active in Cubase 9 Editor window, it’s still active in Nuendo 7 project window.

So please Steiny, what’s happening there ???

What’s happening?

I’ll tell ya what’s happening. They took a perfectly unbroken wheel and… fixed it.

Why? Probably because it’s not a sexy thing. And they were working on some sexy thing and that work created this unintended consequence.

So why hasn’t it been addressed?

Well, I can also answer that question with a very simple question: How often do you EVER see an SB employee schmoozing with the masses here?

Maybe you’re right buddy ! We’ll get an idea about in the next updates I guess… Meanwhile this is just boring and slows down my workflow :imp:

I’m back to this topic, once again, as time goes by…

Let’s have a tempo track, displayed on main project window.

1- Open the Tempo Track Editor (Ctrl+T)
2- Select the starting tempo point (or any other if there are)
3- Double-click on tempo ‘Value’ in upper info line
4- Type up or down arrow on your keyboard.

–> Result: the tempo value increases (up arrow) or decreases (down arrow) by step of 1bpm.

Now close the Tempo Track Editor and go to the tempo track displayed in project window.

1- Select the starting tempo point
2- Double-click on tempo ‘Value’ in upper project window’s info line
3- Same as before, type up or down arrow.

–> Result: cursor goes to value typing.

I choosed the tempo track for a quick understanding but it can be done with with any other window. You can get the same with a midi editor window, velocity value i.e. The up/down value works everywhere except in the main project window…

This is anything but a coherent and unified behaviour. I still can’t understand why this feature disappeared since C9 as it still works in N7 (didn’t check on N8 yet). I’ve been hoping it should be fixed one day. C9 has been released for 3 years now!!!