Bring back SAVE fxp/fxb from plugins menu

i did upgrade to CUBASE 5 in 2009 ( or 2010 ? ) but now, i am still working on CUBASE SX3 for one reason :
Cubase has choosen a new propriatary vst3preset file format, and it’s not possible at all to save in the guenuine FXP / FXP standard format.
But i need to manage MYSELF my own plugins presets. I don’t want and will never want them to be managed by Steinberg, nor Apple, nor Microsoft. But by myself. i want to copy them MYSELF on external USB support.
i want to be able to use a fxp preset maybe in some other VST software (i.e. FORTE Ensemble for my concerts)

Well, i did speak about that, but they said me that i should stay silent, because some other likes mediabay. :frowning:

Am i a pirate ? Have i cracked Cubase, for example ?
The reply is : NO.
i am using Cubase from 1989 September, on ATARI. Yes, (and Pro 24 before) so that CUBASE is a part of my days from this time.
i have payed much more for CUBASE, than most other users in this forum ( how many from 1989 ? 5 ? 10 ?.. less. i guessed ! )

Here is a link about the topic on the old CUBASE forums

… Fortunatly for Steinberg, the topic is closed !
then, i will experiment of how long this topic about standard support and Steinberg policy, will stay before being deleted. (but i will make a screensave so that i could make witness)

So i say +1 : i want back the menu with the win/win solution, which would be Steinberg signature.

Load Preset
Save Preset
Convert Program List to VST Presets

Load FXP
Load FXB
Save FXP
Save FXB

but not a lose / win solution (i.e. Apple mind circle world) in that the user must adapt himself continusly, with the facecies of new ideas of programmers. A good programmer is someone who satisfy the client. Not the contrary.

So please, Steinberg, please listen to us, and please bring the second half Save FXP Save FXB menu when the plugin is a VST2 one.

Best Regards,
Claude-Samuel Lévine

.vstpreset is the same thing, unless you are wanting to use it with other applications, in which case it is for those other softwares to implement the said functionality.

It is win/win because steinberg continues to innovate and while it’s not for everyone, mediabay can save a great amount of time searching for those arbitrary .vstpreset files.

I respectfully disagree with this whole mediabay file system. You should absolutely be able to save your fxb settings wherever you like.

For the life of me, mediabay is most confusing, cluttered and clumsy and utterly useless.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to archive all of your settings in your project folder?! Wow, what a neat idea . . .

I would love to see the return of FXP/FXB!!

Next thing you know there will be threads demanding a return of DirectX support, a non Quicktime based video engine, hell, even the return of the horse and buggy. Time marches on.

If you’ve used Cubase since ATARI, then you have versions that will allow you to use .fxb/p. Stick with one of those.


I am not a fan of media-bay. It bloats the application and doesn’t suit my work method. The former fxp/fxb system is better and infinitely preferable to media-bay.

As for “bring back the horse and buggy” … I certainly do not want Cubase to be “buggy” … so no thanks on that idea.