Bring selection into view does not work anymore

Bring selection into view does not work anymore. Is that a know issue? D5 pro. I have this settings

I think I experienced that too…

Yup, me too.


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The selection leaves the view now also sometimes if I want to extend the note value. I would really like to know if this is known or if it is my system.

Can you be more specific about the nature of the problem you are finding? I am not aware of any specific problems in this area.

For me, if I have a note selected in write mode on page 4 and switch to engrave mode, it sometimes jumps to the first page.


Presumably you must be in galley view in Write mode? Otherwise there’s no need for Dorico to reposition the view at all.

No, page view, but it only happens on occation.


What zoom level are you using, then? Unless you’re using one of the “fit…” zoom levels, there’s simply no need for Dorico to reposition the view if you are using page view in both Write and Engrave modes.

Page width usually. Right now it works as expected. Will check zoom settings if it happens again.


I just discovered that in write mode it has to do with Show Tabs. If that is turned off the selection is not in view if you go with the Shift Alt ] to the next layout. At least on my system. In Wirite mode Zoom level makes no difference but I’m most off the time in 200% Page view it stay out of view with or without Show Tabs.

Engrave mode it doesn’t work anyhow never stays in view with or without Show Tabs

From write mode to play mode the selection stays in view as expected.

This all worked in D4

Also sometimes if I do a edit to a note it jumps out of of view I will try to notice when that happens. Feels like behavior from long ago.

ISTR {having more than one tab} solved the problem of the scroll position not being restored when opening a project in D4 as well.