Bring the Cue Sheet over from Nuendo!

This is the BIGGEST thing I’d like to see brought over from Nuendo.

For those not familiar, it’s a text file that gives you a list of all yer tracks, the files used, the plug-ins used, etc. I’m not sure if Nuendo does this, but it should also bring in all the Notes for each track.

I cannot tell you how much this would help me in sharing projects and even when trying to import an old CPR and making sure I’ve got all the components in place to get down to business.

What would be even better would be a way to temporarily license plugins for a day or two.

Sharing projects between studios never works well in my opinion. I just ask for the the RAW wave files for mixing.

But I don’t co-produce with anyone. If I do, they are in my studio but with Covid-19, maybe that will have to change now.

I do manage a few machines in the same facility and keeping them all up to date with the same plugins is hard to keep track off. The Cue sheet would actually be useful for me.

It would be even more useful if they also said the plugin version number. Some plugins like Kontakt aren’t backwards compatible once a project is saved in a higher version even with a 0.1 of an update. So even though the plugin name might match, the project still might not open.