bring up volume by percentage of multiple tracks

I’d like to be able to change the level of all my stems at once but keep their relative volumes relative to one another in comparison.

So basically if the legato strings stem A is 30 as loud as the drums stem, when I increase the volume of the drums, the strings will come up in level by the same percentage and the stems will still be in context.

Is this possible?

I’d just route through groups and link the groups, and/or control groups/tracks using VCA(s).

Are you currently not using either?

I do use groups. I didn’t think of using them for increasing the level of stems. That’s a great idea.

I’d suggest VCAs for this purpose if they actually worked properly.

Or just link the channels using quicklink. Fastest way available

I suppose it’s worth pointing out that all of these options have implications on workflow… you know, like, maybe. And also just pay attention to signal flow vs processing. If you already use groups and have for example a limiter on them then raising the level on the group if the effect is pre-fader will “undo” the work of the limiter (if it’s meant to keep the level below a certain value).

Just a reminder.

Unless they contain automation…

Well if they contain automation I would imagine it’s possible to place the tracks in trim, set to preview, fill to beginning/end, adjust faders, punch…

I use quick link with automation all the time.

Not exactly idea IMO having to ensure you write new automation across linked tracks. If VCAs worked properly they’d be the ideal solution for this.