Bringing windows to the front: is this ever going to change?

There were many, many posts about this in the past. Lately not so many, so I’m wondering if everyone is simply getting used to it, despite the massive inconvenience?

Ever since the new mixer arrived (C6 was it?) the GUI has been fundamentally worse to operate.

If you have many windows open, plugins, the channel window etc etc there will always be windows behind other windows. In the good ol’ days you could bring the window you wanted to the front either with a keystroke, or by clicking once on a dedicated screen button.

Now, you have to click/keystroke TWICE. Once to close the hidden window and again to open it in front.

This is a workflow killer. Is it unfixable?


The new MixConsole is since Cubase 7.

The behaviour, you describe, changed in Cubase 8. Now, the rule is, if the window is hidden completely, and you press F3, the MixConsole appears. But if only 1pxl is visible, and press F3, then MixConsole is closed.

I would also prefer to bring it always, but there are voices, they want the current behaviour, as far as I know.

What I’d like to see is more keyboard shortcut options, not just the toggle type options. E.g. separate commands for ‘Open Mixer And Bring To Front’, ‘Close Mixer’, ‘Project Window to the Front’, ‘All Open Plugins to the Front’, etc.


Thanks Martin, I must confess I hadn’t noticed this change in C8 which is most welcome.

However, it only seems to apply to certain elements in the GUI - generally the ones which default to the F keys - mixer, Instrument rack, Control Room etc.

It does not apply to the channel settings window (which I use all the time because I don’t like the mixer UI much) or anything IN the Channel settings or mixer windows - so I need to click twice to see, for example, a hidden plugin in an insert.

These are the things I use most and which cause the most frustration.