Bringing zoom inputs to LECubase 5

Please help:
I have a Zoom R16 and I have recorded tracks on each Zoom Channel. Now I want to bring those tracks (inputs) to LECubase 5. I know that this is possible by using the Card Reader function of Zoom (transferring .wav tracks), but is there any other way ? Because once the Zoom is connected as an audio interface, you cannot press anything on it, except for play, stop etc as in Mackie Control (you cannot play the tracks).

Can anyone help please???

To get the tracks into Cubase you’ll need to use the import function in Cubase.

I’m assuming here that you can see the card in the Zoom as an external hard drive on your computer.

I have a question. How to you get your r16 to work with cubase le5. I just got them and am having troubke setting them up.