Broadcast Wave Reference [solved]

Hi. Can anyone put my mind at rest, please? In Broadcast Wave Preferences, what is the default code CCOOONNNNNNNNNNNNHHMMSSRRRRRRRRR all about?


[Edit: now solved, see here:]

Not on my Cubase machine at the moment, but in the place where you specify this in preferences, use the Help function in Preferences.

Nothing there or in the manual nor in several web searches - at least not an explanation about what these letters are intended to refer to. You see them displayed on some mp3 sites in amongst other metadata but nothing meaningful, just the default Cubase string: CCOOONNNNNNNNNNNNHHMMSSRRRRRRRRR

There is such a thing as the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), which I thought might be it, but that’s only 12 characters (CC-XXX-YY-NNNNN). I suppose CC could be the Country Code from there, maybe OOO is the XXX referring to the organisation, but the YY (Year) is missing and it only allows 5 characters for name (NNNNN). HHMMSS must be some sort of timestamp but which one? What the Rs are, I’ve no idea.

Surely this must be some sort of (semi-)official reference intended to be parsed in a certain way. It seems so structured that I would like to know a bit more about it.

At the very end of any wave file produced there is an XML section with details of the file contents:

> _Whatever is in the 'Description' field._> 2013-07-10 19:53:10 > _Whatever is in the 'Author' field._> CCOOONNNNNNNNNNNN> **195310**> RRRRRRRRR 3 3703706112 > _Unique 32 hex character string_> AudioSyncpoint int > _Samples per second_>

Note that the <BWF_ORIGINATOR_REFERENCE> tag includes 195310 (17:53:10 = 7:53:10 PM) where the HHMMSS was in the default ‘Reference’ text. It is the ONLY text substituted.

However, changing the ‘Reference’ text to something else but still including ‘HHMMSS’ does NOT result in a substitution. Bummer!

That’s very interesting, I didn’t know that was there. You may in turn find this link to a relevant thread of interest:

Don’t you mean 5:53:10 PM ?

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