broadcasting live internet radio shows

I am wondering if I can use Nuendo to broadcast a live internet radio show with recorded music as a DJ? I am aware of SAM Broadcaster as a standard but since I already have Cubase 10 Pro- I think there might be benefit to staying in the Steinberg family. My crossgrade cost would be $400 unless there is a sale…thoughts? I can’t find any information on this. Thanks.

What is it that Nuendo can offer what Cubase can’t for your usecase?

live internet radio broadcasting capabilities - live segues of music…my question is whether Nuendo can provide these things, Cubase certainly cannot. I can use Cubase to create podcasts but not for live broadcasting.

It sounds like more of an Ableton Live type thing to me. I don’t think any capabilities Nuendo has over Cubase would help with what I think you are wanting to do.

then SAM Broadcaster Pro would be the way to go IMHO, they have occasional sales…thanks for all the input.