Broken Panning and Zooming

Please, please fix the broken pan and zoom functionality in the Piano Roll Editor. It’s completely unusable. I first purchased Cubasis in early 2014, booted it up, tried it out, saw that the editor was broken and was like, “Huh, that sucks. Oh well, they’ll probably fix it soon.”

Fast-forward nearly two years and it’s STILL exactly the same.

I can’t play an instrument. Not very well, anyway. This means that I need to use a Piano Roll Editor constantly in order to make quick alterations to my many, many flubs. Fingers are supposed to be used as anchor points; A one-to-one representation of how I wish to manipulate the view. But navigating the editor is incredibly slippery, inconsistent, and takes forever to get anything done. This means that I can’t use this app at all, which sucks because it looks like it has some really cool features.

So please, for all of us lowly non-instrument playing plebeians with no sense of rhythm, fix the Editor.

I’m not sure what I got what your issue is precisely… besides the fingers as anchor points… which can be fixed by pressing the Lock button on the left. I’m not sure what you mean by “One to one representation of how i wish to manipulate the view.” It’s not the easiest piano roll to use, but I can see how some compromises had to be made in order to fit it into the Cubasis workflow.

Maybe you can be a little more specific about what hinders your productivity?

So the original plan was to post some video, but I don’t have time tonight. Instead, I will attempt to lead you in a demonstration through text. If you’re not already using one to view this, open up a browser on your iPad. Place two fingers or thumb or whatever on the screen and move them around. No matter how you manipulate your fingers, they stay roughly tied to the place that you placed them. When you place your fingers down, the app calculates the center point between your two fingers and anchors your movements to that spot. Whatever was in the center of your fingers when you started remains in the center of your fingers. Forever. Or until you take them off of the screen. Whichever comes first.

Try just about any app that allows you to pan and zoom with two fingers. There are some variances to exactly how the views react to your movements, but the most important part remains: The center point of your initial touch remains the center point when you move.

Now open the piano roll editor in Cubasis. Try to target a single note with a pinch gesture. (That’s the technical term for what I described above.) By the time you zoom in it will be five miles away from the center of your fingers. Now try to drag rightwards with two fingers and… why is the view moving in the OPPOSITE direction?

It’s an absolute nightmare trying to get anything accomplished when you have to fight the program to do anything at all. Again, this really isn’t a problem for people who rarely have to interact with the editor. But for someone like me who must rely on making dozens of edits because my rhythm is terrible, it makes the app completely unusable for me.

For reference, this is how I implemented it in my own sequencer. Maybe Steinberg can have a look :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: