Broken USB licenser, Steinberg not replying

My Steinberg USB key broke a while ago (I registered it first) & I have purchased a new one. I contacted steinberg yesterday to get a new license to put on the dongle but I have had no reply. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to reply? thanks

Does the broken dongle work at all? If it does, you can transfer the licences to the new one using the Licence Control Centre.
If it does not work, contact your retailer, or distributor, who will (should) help you get this sorted.


When the dongle started to break, I registered it on MySteinberg incase it stopped working. Unfortunately after 8 months it eventually snapped in two & does not work at all. I looked at Steinberg’s procedures for this and it says to purchase a new dongle (which I have) and then to contact Steinberg through support. I’ve contacted them through support request but that was on thursday and I still haven’t had a reply. I haven’t been able to use cubase for ages now and it’s getting frustrating!!
(Thanks for your help Mauri! :smiley: )

Probably after the weekend, I thought if you used the official support you’d get an automated response indicating that they have received your request?

I’ve never had to contact Steinberg so I’m not sure how it works but I haven’t had any sort of response yet. Plus , I have no idea where i should be looking for a reply - in my email inbox or on MySteinberg?

Give them 3 days to respond, weekends don’t count. Should be in your email when they do.