Broomstick bass midi output?

Hi, I’ve downloaded the demo of Broomstick bass and it seems like a good virtual bassist but can I heck get it to out put it’s midi to a midi track…I’ve turned the midi output on in the edit page and done the routing thing on the receiving midi track…
but nothing :frowning:
does anyone have this VST and is able to tell me what I’m doing wrong please? :slight_smile:

thanks, Kevin :slight_smile:

Never tried this but it ought to work.

Hi and thanks…I’ve already followed that vid twice…just dunno why the heck it won’t work for me…gotta me my fault somehow… :frowning:

Now I tried. Works! :sunglasses:
How far have you gotten or what have you tried or what am I trying to ask really haha?

Dang!!..I’ll give it another shot today…