Browsing Sample Folder Based in Media Bay Based on Filtered Search

Hey Everyone,

So, I switched to Cubase from Ableton Live, and there, you could easily type in a search as “percussion” and then the folder you are searching would automatically filter that out for you. What I mean by that is that if I have a folder with 30 sample packs and only 15 of them have the corresponding term, only those pop up in the search, so then I can go on and do that.
Upon using the media bay, I see no such option. The search does filter out the audio files that have the word percussion in them but it just does so for all audio files which is not useful for me. I would like to see it as I could in Ableton Live where only the folders within the chosen overall samples folder where selected so then I could go to those folders and browse for perc samples.

The goal here is to instantly see what packs have percussion in them and look through them, that makes most sense for my workflow and for how I organized my sample folder.

As you can see in the pictures below, the addition of “loop” into the search narrowed down the potential sample packs, reducing them by 6-7. That is what I’m aiming to do in Cubase through media bay or other means.

Much appreciated!

The MediaBay is organized somewhat differently. The result of a search is always a list of matching media files and not an explicit list of folders containing them.
But for a particularly detailed search, there is the Logical Filtering function (button Logical). This can be used to narrow down the media inventory very precisely according to user specifications. For example, if all media in Content Sets with Percussion in the name are searched for, it would look like this:

MB Logical Filter

In addition, further filter criteria can be defined, e.g. Audio Files only etc.

Hey ASM,

Thanks for the reply! I tried what you suggested but it doesn’t seem to work, maybe, I’m doing something wrong so I attached a screenshot to showcase what is happening. If do logical => content set => contains => hihat it doesn’t show me anything in the target folder samples E however if I just search hihat in the search bar it does show me again all the hihat options.
How can I make cubase recognize the target set/folder my samples E folder where the samples are stored.


This is clear because there are no media files with the Content Set attribute containing hihat in the Samples E folder. That’s since Content Sets are content included or purchasable in Cubase, like Loops & Samples:

So that’s not how it works.
The “formula” for the Media Bay Logical Filter is Attribute Comparison Searchtext
So e.g. Tempo >= 150
means: Search for all media files whose attribute Tempo is greater than or equal to 150 [bpm].

So if you search for all media files that contain hihat in their name, the formula is will have to be
Name contains hihat
To get only the results from the desired folder, select it from the folder tree on the left.
If you display the Path column,

you can see the folders in which the files found are located.

Thanks for the reply, I tried to include all the aspects you mentioned but still nothing pops up in the folders as it would in Ableton. So, simply the hat loops or hat samples residing in that folder or its subfolders. I included a video to showcase what were the settings I used.

Hi NicknVy,
Right click on your ‘Main Sample Packs’ folder and click on ‘Rescan Disk.’
They should all then appear?

oh yeah, that fixed it; thanks a lot! To both of you :slight_smile: