Brushed drums in Noteperformer?

How do I add a brushed drum set with Noteperformer 3?

When I add a drum set to a orchestral template nothing is loaded. When I choose Noteperformer in Play mode a new instance of NP is loaded but without any instrument. Hm…

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

When in Play mode, you need to make sure the Note Performer Template is loaded (Play / Playback Template / Note Performer).

If you’ve added a drum set to an Orchestral Template, Note Performer will probably use the Drum Set (Sticks) kit. You can change this by going to the the VST Instruments panel and selecting Edit Instrument - its the second of the three icons to the left of the Note Performer instance. This loads the Note Performer Mixer. Then click on the orange Header that shows which kit is being used and a pop up appears which enables you to select Drum Set (Brushes)

Thanks for the detailed answer!

I first had the problem that Noteperformer didn’t load any additional sound when adding the drum set to an existing template. I could select NP in Play mode and the drum instrument with an unused midi channel but there was nothing loaded (no channel in NP’s mixer to connect to). Even saving and reloading the song didn’t help. But switching to silence in Play mode / Playback Template and then switching back reloaded all instruments - including the drum set!
From there changing the drum set worked exactly as written in the post above. Thanks for that!