Brushify Pro x64 presets location

I’ve just bought and installed Brushify Pro x64. For now, all the presets are on my desktop but in the settings of Brushify, I have the option of moving these presets somewhere else. I would like to have them at hand in Groove Agent 5, but I don’t know what would be the best repertoire for that.

Any clue someone?


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by having Brushify presets on hand in Groove Agent, They are two different plugins, and thus you can’t recall presets from one in the other.

Those are my options. Very confusing…

They are two entirely different plugin instruments. – Therefore they use different folder locations for their sounds.

Finally, following a strange procedure pops-up by the software, I could moved them to C, user, username,AppData, Roaming, Sampleson, the only Sampleson folder that exist on my hardrive. Very tricky and time consuming.

Phew! Thanx anyway.