Hello all I’m getting the BSOD very often. Below are links to my full system and some crash dumps. Also I’m unable to use Real Time Export. Every time I use it it says “A CPU Overload has occured”. I have to real time export for my Virus TI hardware synth. Occasionally when I startup the computer and immediately open Cubase I’m able to use Real Time Export but after my computer has been on for a while it no longer works.


I’ve run full hardware scans and everything seems to be okay. Also while on the BSOD it says “We’re just collecting some info, we’ll restart the computer for you” but once it reaches 100% it does not restart. I have to manually shut it down then start it back up. Quick Specs: Windows 8.1 64bit, Inspiron Desktop 3847

I tried running Driver Verifier to collect some more crash dumps but when I got the BSOD none of the crash data would collect, it would just stay at 0%.

I’ve contacted Steinberg’s tech support and they have been unable to help with the issue.

Normally a driver issue but could also be due to system files problems, have you tried sfc /scannow from the command line?

I have but nothing showed up.

Here’s a response I got on reddit that may give some insight.
“the way the stack trace looks make it very likely there is some sort of software problem. Both crashes occurred in Cubase 8, but I can also see a bunch of drivers loading and unloading called vtimidi.sys and vtiaudio.sys. Possibly these have something to do with the crash. It appears they are for specialized (USB) audio devices from a difficult to identify manufacturer. Make sure the drivers for these devices are the latest version, vtimidi.sys seems to be quite old, from 2009, vtiaudio.sys is from 2014 and is probably alright.”

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should do next?


could vtmidi and vtiaudio be Virus T drivers?

Yes they are I’m 99% sure in contact with Access support now. Could it be possible that this is also causing the reason why I can’t use ‘real time export’? Every time I try to use real time export I get a “CPU Overload” error.