Budget laptop suggestions for Cubase 12 Pro

So I’m looking for a laptop in the $600 to $800 area. I can go as high as $1000 but would love to avoid since my Neve 1073 just permanently bit the dust and I would like to put my $ into a solid hardware mic pre. I’m just getting back into the game after a 12 year sebatical. I have an HP Envy x360 convertible laptop with RADEON running Cubase 12 and tons of plugins (Waves, Plugin Alliance, VST instruments, etc) and just upgraded ram to 16gb and it just isn’t doing what I need it to do. The gaming laptop market has gotten crazy and quite frankly I’m just not up to speed. The Web is saturated with suggestions (too many to tell what’s what) so I figured I’d go straight to the best source. You guys. Any help would be greatly appreciated!