Buffer Settings and Renders

Are playback dropouts that are the result of using particular plugins coupled with particular buffer settings (in Wavelab audio card ASIO settings and a soundcard’s control panel) ever reflected in renders or cdr if all processing is done ITB?

I’m having a playback dropout issue with some new TC plugins using my long-time buffer settings. But renders seem to be ok, so I wanted to confirm that the buffer settings (and playback dropouts) should have no effect on the ITB renders.

I’ve found buffer settings that seem to work in playing back with the TCs, but I’ve yet to commit to them because of the effect they might have on playback when using other plugins.

Rendering to file has no time constraint as when a playback i/o is involved, hence drop outs are not possible.
When burning a CD, it is recommanded to use the option “Render to temporary file before burning” as there is a time constraint here.

Thanks PG. That answers my question, and I don’t want to waste your time on this, but I’m struggling to understand what the “time constraint” means for the CD burn (I think I’m being dense). I would have thought renders and CD burns would be the same in this regard. We don’t burn “directly” to CD using montages containing plugins, but we do burn “directly” to CD from montages containing rendered files (the only “plugin” involved being the dither in the Master Section). Could you possibly elaborate a bit on the “time constraint” - why it affects “direct” to CD, but not renders?

A time constraint means: “if samples don’t come fast enough, there is a gap”. For CD, the drive is expecting samples at a certain rate. If the samples are not coming fast enough, the drive is “starving” and a drop out could happen.

On the opposite, a file could be written very slowly, without limit.