Buffering setting for Cubase 6 | Mac OSX

Hi just wanna ask how to get the ‘Buffering setting’ on Cubase 6 (Mac OSX)
Thanks in advance

Control Panel of the soundcard.

You didn’t mention WHICH interface you are using, but in Cubase, if you go to Devices>Device Setup, you should see your interface listed on the left. Select it, and in the panel on the right you should see a button for ASIO Control Panel. Select that, and then you should be able to choose a buffer setting. Of course, all of this is dependent on you using a suitable interface with a solid ASIO driver though. HTH

Oh maybe my question wasnt clear enough but anyway thanks for the quick response. Well I didn’t mean how to adjust the Buffer size through the device setup.
There is a setting on cubase called Buffering where you can recall whatever you have played, without even using the record button. I have seen this before on a Pc but cant figure out how it works on mac.

Preferences (surprise, surprise…) “Record” tab…