buffersize/latency induced offset on recordings

Hi, i still haven’t figured this out properly.

Whenever a project advances and the buffer size inevitably has to go up to give the CPU some breathing room, things become a little complicated sometimes. I record an external synth that is sequenced and is perfectly in sync to the ear at the time of creation and even as it is recording.

Upon playback, the recorded audio (and midi in case of recording midi for a soft synth, for that matter) plays back out of time. I remember in earlier versions of Cubase, i had to activate the time stamp function in device setup - vst audio system, but this function doesn’t seem to be there anymore in Pro 8

So i assume the workaround is to offset the recorded audio by a number of samples. Which factors are in play and is there any way to calculate sample offsets from analyzing the overall latency? Which numbers do i need, where do i find them and what is the method to calculate such offsets properly?

bump, will the real nerds please stand up and shed some light on this?