[Bug|2.2] Trills use wrong intervall


In Dorico 2.2, when you draw a trill over several notes with a specified interval chosen, after the first note, every following trill will be written as Major-2 , regardless of the setting.

I attached a screenshot, where the problem is seen. Is there a possibility to hide the accidentals, so that for engraving purposes this is not a problem?

Thanks and best regards!

This is not really a bug. If a trill spans over multiple notes, Dorico creates a segment for each note. Each segment has it’s own interval property which can be changed by either selecting the accidental itself, or if there is no accidental above a note, enabling showing the signpost and the selecting that. When the the whole trill is selected the interval property shown applies to the first segment. Unfortunately at the moment there is no way to change the interval of multiple trills’/segments’ intervals.

I’m curious — what is the musical meaning of one trill spanning multiple notes of different pitches?

Okay, thanks. Then I’m gonna do them one by one. It would be helpfull though, if you could hide the extra-accidentals, so visually it looks nicer.
(Using the “Hollywood Style” indicating just using minor 2s)

@Julian: it does nothing special, it’s just shorter than writing a trill over each note. :slight_smile:

For anyone interested, how to “fix” the graphics (as using accidentals-style won’t lead to nice results), the easiest method ist to switch the trill to hollywood style (or enable signposts) to manually update every trill-segment, and in Engraving Options -> Trill Intervals -> Hollywood Style select “Hide trill interval” on successive notes. Looks fine!
(and by making one Half-Tone trill and copy pasting it, you simply can do this one time and reuse it ~)

As a player, I would be confused by this, since we’re used to seeing a separate trill over each note. Are trills regularly notated this way? I don’t think I’ve seen this before.

To be honest, I don’t see that much trills after another normaly, therefore I wouldn’t be confused by a specific way of notation. This way just looks cleaner to me and the only example I have in mind is from Williams’ Hedwig’s Theme: