BUG: 6.0.2 - VariAudio Fails When Audio at Edge of Clip


  1. Take any vocal track.
  2. Use the scissors tool in the project to cut the track in the middle of a word.
  3. Edit–>Bounce Selection
  4. Open bounced clip in the audio editor.
    [At this point you should have a clip with the first note the vocalist sings starting RIGHT at the first sample]
    Continue in audio editor
  5. Click VariAudio, then Pitch & Warp
  6. Select the first note
  7. Drag it up and down - Move it to a completely different note so you can easily hear the difference.
    [Note that the pitch changes]
  8. Straighten Pitch - Doesn’t matter how much

Note reverts to original pitch. VariAudio sounds as it it’s completely turned off. Note that ALL other notes in the clip are also not affected by pitch or straighten changes. At this point until you reset that note or the file, VariAudio is disabled.


In modern music, it’s pretty common to chop up a vocal to create certain effects. It is also very common to use VariAudio / pitch changing effects on those clips. I think this is a bug worth fixing.

You’re right! Good spot and yes, I would agree that it needs fixing. VA is too good for something like this to mess it up.

I use Variaudio everyday in the studio… I’ve to check it out…

I found another bug with Variaudio:

I wonder if its related to the problems I was having with variaudio changes being lost after bounce??


Sorry, Sonik, but I don’t understand this - the link, I mean.