Bug? Adding new bar inside a repeat ending affects other endings

In a score that has repeat endings (let’s call them Ending 1 and Ending 2), If I try to add a new bar inside ending 1, the last bar in Ending 1 gets “pushed” into the beginning of Ending 2 (instead of being inserted into ending 1 without affecting ending 2).

This happens regardless of whether Insert mode is turned on or off (although I don’t think this behavior is correct regardless of Insert mode).

See attached example.
Repeat Ending bug.zip (306 KB)

This isn’t a bug, but I do understand why you wouldn’t consider it ideal behaviour. The repeat ending “lives” at its start position, and each segment has a duration which is not actually tied to the bars over which the ending is shown. Dorico does make efforts to keep the repeat ending at least valid when the musical material underneath the repeat ending changes, but that doesn’t extend to assuming it knows what should happen when you add or delete bars within its span (unless you delete sufficient bars that it no longer makes sense, at which point it is removed).

Thanks for the explanation.

I understand that this is consistent behavior from the engineering point of view, but I can’t think of a real-life scenario where you would insert a bar in the middle of an ending and want the last bar of that ending to become the first bar in the following ending. Please consider changing this in the future.

I would certainly not rule out ever changing this behaviour in the future, but it’s unlikely to be a high enough priority for us to work on it in soon.