BUG: Adding new folder in "Save Track Preset"

When adding a new folder in Save as Track Preset, the folder name appears in duplicate (50% of the time) in the dialog box.
It doesnt duplicate in the windows directory however, and the duplicate dissappears from the dialog box if exited.


Could you attach a screenshot, please? I can’t reproduce it here.

Please find requested screenshot.
This is an example of what showed immediately after I clicked New Folder and typed in the name.
It happens 50% of the time… so it is difficult to reproduce consistently.
random cubase bug.jpg


I have tried 20 times and it didn’t happen to me.

Could you have a look what sub-folders are available in the File Explorer (in that folder)? How is the situation there?

Since posting about it, it has only happened once. Whereas I had the issue happen 5-6 times prior to that. However, I can answer your question about Windows File Explorer… there was no duplicate being created there. Def was just a Cubase glitch - perhaps a redraw - maybe some sort of refresh wasn’t getting properly completed thru the New Folder command…
I’ll keep an eye out but I’m pretty much done creating such folders. Oh by the way, these were being added in the “Instrument” user folder, also favorited in the Media Bay.


I’m sorry, I can’t reproduce it here on my side.