Bug affecting rests moved vertically (Dorico 4.3)

When a rest is moved vertically, a dot following the rest does not move with it but remains where it is. The same applies to the ‘ledger lines’ attached to half and whole rests outside the staff: if the rest is moved, the ledger line is left behind.

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I don’t find this to be the case. When you move a dotted rest, obviously the dot will only move to valid positions, so it will snap into the middle of the next space when you move by sufficient staff positions in that direction. And when you move a whole or half rest outside the staff, the ledger line will move with the rest.

See attached file, bar 2, middle staff. Possibly relevant is that both rests were outside the staff to begin with.
Rest bug.dorico (481.7 KB)

Aha, yes. Use the Rest pos. property for this kind of offset, which is a more semantic kind than the Offset property in the Common group in Properties.

Thanks Daniel. — I do think the behaviour I reported is a bug, though. It’s certainly unexpected and would never be wanted.

The idea behind allowing the Offset property to move the rest is that in extreme circumstances you might need to move a rest by a tiny amount. But I don’t think the rhythm dot should ever move out of the centre of the space. I suppose that’s arguable once the rest is outside the staff.

Yes, I can see that. But surely the ledger line, which identifies the rest as half or whole when it’s outside the staff, should never separate from the rest.

Yes, that’s probably true!

Let me just contribute another example of “abandoned” dots in rests aligned vertically: they should definitely overlap!

Please provide a snippet of a project sufficient to reproduce this issue.