Bug affecting the reliability of Alt + ←/→

Dorico doesn’t seem to like moving stuff using Alt + ←/→ when the selection starts (when moving left) or ends (when moving right) with a rest, and is moved to into bars containing bar rests.


It also happens in the opposite direction.

This isn’t a bug. This will happen if you have implicit rests in the selection. When you move the material on the upper staff left, you end up growing the selection to include the bar rest in bar 2.

If you filter>notes and chords then alt-left/right works as you want it to.

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To be honest, this sentence sounds more like a bug description than anything else :wink:

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Maybe – however, now that I think about it, there is no obvious alternative behavior. Automatically inserting rests with forced durations would obviously be terrible. The shown selection not reflecting what’s actually selected is also bad.

If you don’t mind me turning this into a feature request, @dspreadbury:

I guess I can think of a few problems with this … Anyway, thanks for responding!


To me Dorico’s behavior is clear and logical. It works only on what is selected. When the (implicit) half rest “merges” with the previous bar rest, the selection now starts at the beginning of the bar. Easy workaround (if you want to call it that): Select and move only the notes. This is how Dorico works anyway; rests need not be entered symbols, but are drawn automatically around notes.

Think of it this way: When you move notes in the key editor, there are no rests to worry about.

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Yes, I do get the logic – and the quirk that comes along with it. I can’t think of a scenario where it would ever be a useful feature, though (I might be missing something). It is often a slight drawback and a speedbump.

And to nitpick, when moving stuff like this I want to move more than just notes, of course. So that would in my case usually mean three visits to the jump bar: (Filter Deselect Only, Filter Rests, and then Filter Select Only again).

I suppose I am spoilt by how wonderfully efficient the Dorico workflow generally has become.

Surely it’s just filter>select>notes and chords… (no need to deselect anything)? (It’s a good idea to set up shortcuts for the filter menu)

As implied in my previous post, I’ll want to move dynamics, lyrics, text items, etc. with the notes. :slight_smile: I have lots of Key Shortcuts and Jump Bar aliases, but you can’t string together several actions with those.

A couple years ago I made myself a macro for “Filter notes but not tuplets” that includes all the steps needed. It’s easy to make one that deselect-filters rests and goes back to select-filtering.

Except that if you move what is currently selected, not only is the selected content being moved, but the selection itself grows. This is neither clear not logical. Moving is not extending.


Sure is, but can macros be easily bound to key commands or jump bar aliases? I suppose I would have to make an AutoHotkey script or something similar.

Yes. On Mac you can assign a shortcut via System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts by the name of your script. On Windows it may require editing your keycommands_en.json file. See this thread from 2019 for detailed instructions.

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I support this idea!

Very helpful, thank you.