Bug: Arpeggio signs disappear on slash voice

As the title says, I’m encountering seemingly random behaviour when converting a normal voice with arpeggio signs to a slash voice. I have the relevant engraving option enabled to show arpeggio signs on slash voices.

The gif below should illustrate what I mean, showing three separate attempts at converting.

(I would also request that the default arpeggio height for slash voices is a little longer - I can’t imagine anyone wanting anything less than at least the height of the notehead, and it gets very tedious editing them all in engrave mode)

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On closer inspection in engrave mode, the signs are there but with a height of 0, so I guess the point of this post is now to request that the default height is changed! Muchas gracias.

My question is - what did you use to create that dynamic screenshot?

QuickTime Player! Then I use ezgif.com to convert the mov file into a gif. This is on a Mac mind you, and if I wasn’t using a Hackintosh and could upgrade to Mavericks there’s a screen recording tool built into the OS.

Very nice. I’m Windows so I’ll have to see what I can get going with ezgif

mset, try LICEcap.

Have you got the option ‘Arpeggio signs on slash voices’ set to ‘Show arpeggio signs’ on the Arpeggio Signs page of Engraving Options?

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Yes I do have that enabled, but as I mentioned above in my reply, the issue seems to be that the signs are there but the handles are in the same position rendering them invisible.

This would be the expected result.

I believe if you have multiple notes in the chord before you choose to show it as a slash voice, or if you input chords when inputting the slash voice, then the arpeggio lines will be of the appropriate length as if the chord itself were shown, rather than only a single slash.

That would be great, but that’s not what I was experiencing in the first example I posted.
Ideally, there would be an engraving option to show arpeggio signs on slash voices as either their original height or a user defined global height. Perhaps this could also be a property?

Captura de Pantalla 2022-12-03 a las 13.49.37

I had the same situation.

I also went to Engraving Options, then edited the height in Engrave mode. I agree with @sidebysidebyside’s suggestions.