BUG: Arrangement Track sometimes skips the part changes!

That very same bug still exists in C6: When using the Arrangement Track and one have edited (like in my case) two Arrangement entries (A and B) so that the part A starts from the beginning and ends at the point about 3 minutes - and the part B begins from the position about 3:40 minutes and ends exactly where the project end.

So you have now parts A and B and a 40 seconds of “empty space” between them (which should be skipped, of course) and now as you make an arrangement A --> B and activate the chain, then SOMETIMES Cubase 6 omits that active chain altogether.

Meaning that the project plays from the beginning to the end WITHOUT jumping from the end of Part A to the beginning of the part B. And just as often it ruins the downmix the same way.

I’m definitely 100% sure that the chain IS active all the time - there’s no mistake by me in this case, that’s for sure.

Also the other think concerning the Arranger Track is the same-old that I’ve been nagging for weeks now;

When I use that very same chain in the very same project, the downmixed audio file starts looping the project from the left locator EVERYTIME and it downmixes the song then from the beginning the exact amount of time that is the difference in time between the end of part A and the beginning of part B. So that it FORCES the length of the downmixed file to be as long as the time difference between the locators. It shouldn’t because there is that “space” between parts A and B amount of which the downmixed file should me shorter, of course. Hope you understood…

Of course it’s easy just shorten the file in the mastering, but when I’d like to directly downmix an MP3-file, it’s screwed up to begin with.

Are there others out there who have noticed this? Please, Steinberg, at least acknowledge this issue by commenting something here. Don’t want to be too much of a complainer but merely just report an obvious issue.

ROK \m/