BUG - audio editor window, waveform disappears at certain zoom levels

Create two audio tracks (one stereo, one mono) with files on it…

  1. Select a stereo file event AND…
  2. Select a mono file event
  3. Open them both in the audio editor window -> they should both be visible (new feature in C10)
  4. Zoom in / out (tried only with shortcuts) -> at certain zoom levels, one of them disappear

Zooming back and forth makes one of them disappear and appear again.

This might the same display confusion as when I export a mixdown and then import it into a new track… The export mix may maximize the waveform display, so on import it seems meaningless. At first I thought it wasn’t there, then I thought it was corrupt, but it is was just a maxed out waveform. There is probably a more intuitive way to handle this.

EDIT: By design, the meters go to +12 dB by default. I usually use +6dB, so my mix-down, once imported, was way loud.