Bug? "Audio Input" plugin cannot be bypassed OR shut off

I see when I enable the “audio input” plugin, I can monitor through Wavelab in realtime by using the “Play” button… however, I cannot bypass the plugin? I want to bypass it so I can listen to an audio file as a reference. Then I could re-enable the plugin, to go back to what I am working on in real-time. Maybe there is something I am doing wrong… Suggestions?

ALSO: Is there a way to have an audio file looped that is constantly playing in Wavelab? - and then I can enable/disable the audio input button to go back and forth between the audio I am working on, and my reference audio that is continuously looping?


I’m having the same issue (7.2.1 (Build 600)

Also, the live metering no longer shows digital overs since the update. This is a problem.

An input can’t show overs since it is, by principle, limited to 0 dB.

Really? It’s a digital input. The previous version showed overs that coincided with my converter meters. Every other DAW indicates clipping, and this one used to. What changed? Not a huge deal, but the program behavior has changed.

I think I remember changing this: a 0 dB sample (max possible value) was reported as an overflow. But it is not.

Now, an inter-sample emulator could report oveflows, by guessing virtual samples. But WaveLab 7 does not provide this.

Even without intersample calculation, is it not usual (and simple) to say that two or three FS samples in succession flags an over?