Bug: automation line disappears when deleting point on VCA track

Here’s one that bit me today:

  1. Create two audio tracks
  2. Select both tracks and Edit->Macros->Add VCA and Group Channel to Track
  3. Open the volume automation lanes for the two audio channels.
  4. Note that since you haven’t touched any faders that all the faders are currently at “0”.
  5. Create an automation point on the VCA channel and drag the volume down in the automation.
  6. Now raise the volume FADER of each of the audio tracks back to 0. (this is like if you are adjusting the mix of these two faders in relation to each other-just use 0 for this experiment to keep it easy.)
  7. Now click and create an automation point on the first audio track.
    FIRST BUG: Even though no new automation was created now the audio track fader jumps down to where the VCA was. It does not stay at “0”.
    SECOND BUG: Even if you now delete the automation point the new reference line is now where the ghost line is.

KILLER PROBLEM: you can now not “undo” this action and get your audio track fader back to “0”. If you didn’t keep track of the original position of that fader, your mix is now ruined and you need to re-mix the track.