[Bug] Automation thinning

Hi there,

I am encountering a very bad bug in N7.
When writing automation with the Eucon controller the automation thinning seems to make mistakes.

Let’s say my fader is at 0 dB and I am in touch mode.
Now I write a very slow ramp to push the volume with the EuCon controller.
When I let go I expect an automation break point at 0 dB where I started to write, at least one at the highest point of the fader and one when I let go at 0dB again.

Unfortunately I get a break point at the position where I started to write that is NOT 0dB causing a ramp from the last previous point to where I started to write.

In my current mix the worst was from 1.6 dB to 4.25!!

The slower the automation fade, the bigger the problem!

Do a search on this, I think it sounds related to another issue here.

Or even worse, I don’t get a break point at all - causing a glide from the last value to the END of my new fade, completely messing up the previous levels on the track! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

And it happens on fades with the mouse as well, it’s NOT a EuCon thing!

Try reducing thinning significantly. And here’s the thread:


Okay, if you set the reduction level to 10% it does not seem to do this.

Guys, you need to look into that, it’s a SERIOUS bug.

Thanks, Lydiot. This forum is a great place!