BUG: Batch Channel Export (Repeatable)

When you duplicate tracks in a project, they will not show up as an available track in the batch channel export window until you close and reload the project.

To see this for yourself:

  1. Open any project (I’m using all instrument tracks)
  2. Open the batch channel export window and take note of the tracks
  3. Close the batch channel export window
  4. Duplicate a couple tracks
  5. Open the batch channel export window and those new tracks will not be there.

I’m using Cubase 6.07

FWIW I can’t reproduce the behaviour in 6.5. Instrument, Audio and Group channels show up as expected, without reloading the project.

Can’t reproduce.
Everything works as intended in v6.5.0

I can even keep the export window open and duplicate tracks and undo, and see the export window instantly updating without closing anything.

Well… then I suppose that’s reason enough to upgrade to 6.5

Thanks guys.

Are you forgetting to highlight the dupes? And, having not seen what you do, you might also just have to restart the Export dialog instead of rerun Cubase. (?)

The duplicated tracks don’t show up in the export dialog, even if I close the dialog and reopen it.

I can’t reproduce this bug either.
I’m running Cubase 6.5.1

All is well here using Mac and Cubase 6.5.0

Seems like there’s no bug here, so maybe the “bug”-word should be removed from the titel?

Definitely a bug. I can reproduce it on 3 different Cubase 6.07 machines over here. It just sounds as though it was fixed in 6.5, which we haven’t paid to upgrade.

Did you look at the bottom of the export list?

Here duplicated tracks appear at the bottom of the channel export list, not at the position the track has in the project windows/mixer (s. screenshot), unless I reload the project


Hmm… interesting. That may be the case. I’m dealing with about 150 tracks, so maybe I missed the tracks at the bottom. I’ll check that when I get to work tomorrow. Thanks!