[bug?] C 6.5 unwanted zoom change

Cubase decreases horizontal zoom when i switch to another workspace and back.

  • Create one workspace with arrange window maximized
  • Create another
  • Create an event and zoom to it. F.e “select + zoom full”
  • Switch to another workspace
  • Switch back to arrange

RESULT - zoom decreased and continue to decrease with each switch

Win 7 SP 1, 64 bit

Have you locked each workspace (Alt+0) ? If it’s already locked and you zoom in or out and want to keep that zoom, you need to unlock and lock it again. It’s locked when there’s a full stop beside the workspace number ie: (1.)
I hope this helps

Regards Hazy

NO it does not help. When workspace is locked and i switch zoom decreases only once. When it is unlocked it continue to decrease with each switch.

Same behavior in 5.5.3

This is why I don’t use workspaces - simply put, it has not been coded properly.