BUG: C8 tempo track and sig track gone

Hi all.

I can reproduce the following bug (Cubase 8.0.0 Build 418):

Tempo track AND Signature track disappeared from the main window.
If I try to add them, I get the following error message: “the project already contains a tempo track!” or “the project already contains a signature track!”.
You can edit both tracks in their dedicated tempo track editor window (cmd+T) and you can find both tracks in the project browser window, where you can both double click them and edit them. However there is no way to show them in the main track window.

This happens if the the project has been edited in Cubase AI7 Ver. 7.0.80 Build 2285.

Bug reproduction:

  • create new project in C8
  • add tempo track and signature track
  • save
  • open project to AI7
  • save
  • open project again in C8 -> tempo and signature tracks are gone and cannot be retrieved.

Workaround: edit track in editor window, but it would be nice to see them again in the main window.

Can one confirm this?

Thank you.



Yes, I can reproduce it with Cubase AI7. It’s not an issue with Cubase AI8.

Anyway, after loading the project from Cubase AI7 (now running in Cubase Pro 8), you still can edit the Tempo nad Signature data in the Tempo Track Editor. (Ctrl+T).

Hi Martin.
I am sure it is not hidden.
I am in the middle of a production, so I avoid updating. I will try on my MacBook this weekend.
Thank you.


I edited the post (probably very close before you sent your post). :wink:

I can reproduce it even in Cubase 8.5, so the update doesn’t help here (but I would recommend it in general).

Hello ! i have the same problem here: tempo, signature & markers tracks are hidden in main window ! i see them in the visibility window, and they are added in the track counter ! very annoying… is there a solution to that ? even if i can edit tempo with ctrl T it’s useful to see the markers & the tempo in the main track !!!