Bug! Can't select or edit part after record (Cubase Pro 10.0.20)

Another user has the same issue in this video Very Strange Cubase 10 Bug - Any Ideas? - YouTube
Together with that I can’t do Undo step (the fact that I record something even doesn’t present in undo list)
The project has just a few tracks (about 8)

Any suggestions?

Steinberg, where are you? I’m about to sell my pro license, can’t work with this freaking bug!

If you take the time to fill out your signature with all relevant hard and software details. It would make it so much easier to tell if it is an Apple or an Orange.
I have no clue what could be the problem here, i could guess Hybrid Drive, project in Dropbox folder, USB power(sleep).
Need more details.

Hi, I filled my signature. If it make sense - no hybrid drive in system (the system is on m2 ssd), project is in system drive, all c-states and usb sleep functions disabled (because of overclocked to 4500 cpu). Windows has all latest updates. This is the only project, where I used “add bars” function from Project Setup menu - maybe the reason is here (bug).

After some torment, I found that only saving the project, closing and opening Cubase helps to revive these uneditable parts. And now, Steinberg, I want to ask you a question. Should I close and open Cubase after each record?!!! This is madness. Do something!

Same problem here, but I guess it’s not with everybody…also the undo stops working with me… Maybe it’s a setting in Cubase we have open. Looks like there is something else we can’t see is on the foreground or something… Its super annoying! Maybe something with the lanes? I will go deeper now because I can’t work like this. But I think it’s not a bug but something wrong with my settings. Hope someone can find out! Have a good one!

Same here, also no undo. Range selecting and moving helps. Safe start and reset all an it still happens. Running on 10.5.12

This also happens to be the bug for me lately, plz help. I can`t close and reopen after every midi/audio-record!

greetz Otto