Bug? Can't shift baselines

For some reason, I can’t adjust the lyric baselines in the first system. I have no idea why.

Project attached.

Update: deleting the rhythmic cue above the staff allows me to move the lyrics, but I hereby declare this a bug.
May the Lord Bless You (Ps 128).zip (549 KB)

This works fine for me in the project you’ve uploaded, Dan, regardless of whether or not the rhythmic cue is present.

Works fine for me, too.

I downloaded the file I posted above (to make sure it’s apples to apples) and tried it again. Neither of my Windows machines will allow me to shift the baselines on the first system.

It doesn’t work for me on Windows. I can select the handle and drag the lyrics, but they jump back to the original position.

FWIW Thomas Eberth’s signature says Mac, not Windows.

Perhaps someone at Steinberg can test the file on Windows and Mac. I assume Daniel uses a Mac.

I’ve been looking into this further and there are two little problems here, one masking the other (which is why the problem happens in this particular project not to be reproducible on Mac). This will be fixed in a future version.

Thanks Daniel. I got around it this time by setting the minimum distance for lyrics to a higher value, and moving the latter systems’ lyrics up.