Bug? Condensing, Textblocks loosing Border

i don’t know if this issue has been adressed before.
When you have (in my case system-attached) text with the border set to ON and turn on condensing, this textblock looses it’s border.
The text is also written bold but this attribute stays.


Many properties for items are allowed to be set independently between uncondensed and condensed staves, so you should find that if you select the text item on the condensed staff, you can activate the ‘Border’ property there to make the text appear with a border on the condensed staff.

Hello Daniel,
Independence in Dorico is always very good idea :wink:
But the Condense functions auto-intelligence simply changed my text properties (Border) and switched it off, so it changed things i already entered and checked OK, this is not something i like very much.
Sure i can switch it on again, but i have to be aware that it changed and i have to do it.

I just ran into this too, and while I don’t know what the perfect UI would be, it feels like a bug to me too. Having my text borders disappear just because I change views doesn’t seem right.