Hi guys, this video explains the bug when adding a player to a score.

So, any ideas how I can get the Bass Guitar UNDER the Tuba stave?

UPDATE: Ok, so I figured out if I select the Tuba card and THEN add the Bass Guitar, the Bass Guitar is added at it’s correct place!
STILL…Bug is still there!

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Hans Nel :slight_smile:

This isn’t a bug, Hans. Dorico adds the new player and its instrument to the selected group.

Hans, you are such a charming person :slight_smile:
Is everybody down there like you? Makes me want to visit that country again, which I have not seen since 53 years…

Thanks Daniel…but for classy/prowess/enrichment sake, it would be cool if I would like to pull instrument cards from one group to another. Like say eg I want to place a vocal soloist to the very top of the score, or like in this case the bass guitar beneath the tuna…I think it should happen without crashing…yes? So, I select the GROUP bar and THEN add the instrument…GOT TI! Thanks my friend.

Peter…then maybe you should add a piece of code whereby if someone tries to do what I did only makes the card jump back to where it came from and warn the user that such a move is not allowed…instead of crashing…losing work that was not saved. But I still would like to arrange cards (staves) at will, regardless of in which group it resided.

k_b…thanks for your kind words. You are the 2nd person to compliment me, Ulf being the first. No, I’m one of a kind (I think). The Navy Band enjoys when it’s MY turn to rehearse them because they know we are going to have fun. You should hear them perform depending on the conductor. But I am (sort of) rubbing off to the other two conductors because I see some of myself manifesting in them. Otherwise, I’m just a humble Christian trying to stay happy in a country where white folks are at the bottom of the food chain! But chatting with fellow musicians and the Steinberg/Dorico team always brightens my day!

Keep well, my friend!

Of course I agree that the program shouldn’t crash. I didn’t mean that a crash is not a bug (that’s obviously a bug), but rather that the position in which Dorico adds the instrument, i.e. at the end of the selected group, is not a bug.