[BUG] Convert 5.1 file into stereo interleaved: left only

I’ve got 3 mono audio files, placed below each other on 3 stereo tracks.
The 3 stereo tracks sum into a 5.1 Group
The 5.1 Group sums with other 5.1 Groups into a 5.1 Output and a 5.1>2.0 DownmixerGroup which feeds a 2.0 Output

When I Render these 3 audiofiles, summed together with the following Render Setup:

  • In Place
  • As Separate Events
  • Channel Settings
  • Mix Down To One Track

…a 5.1-track appears below the 3 tracks, with a summed mix of the 3 mono audio files.
Since a 5.1-file is the result of this Render, which is not useful in my project, I’d like to convert it to a stereo file. So, in order to do that, I look this 5.1-renderfile up in my Pool, select it there, and select “Convert Files” from the right-click menu. When I convert this 5.1-file, which basically only holds audio in the L and R channels, with the following Convert Options:

  • Keep Sample Rate
  • Keep Sample Width
  • Stereo Interleaved
  • Keep File Format
  • New + Replace In Pool Options

…a stereo file is created with audio on the L channel only! The R channel is mute! Even when I pan my 3 original tracks to hard-right, the resulting converted file from the 5.1 Renderfile into the Stereo Interleaved file shows audio only on the L channel!

Though: when I import a random 5.1-audiofile directly from my library onto a 5.1 track and convert that audiofile in the Pool into a "stereo Interleaved"file, all appears as expected…

Is Nuendo handling Rendered 5.1-audiofiles differently from regular (directly imported) 5.1-audiofiles?
Seems like a bug to me.

Niek/ Amsterdam.


How were things panned at the respective stages of your signal flow?

Just everything in the centre…

I found a workaround by splitting the multichannel (Render) track into several mono’s, delete everything but the
L&R tracks from the split-result and finally recombine the L&R-tracks as being a stereo track…that works perfect. Now I need to find a way to build a macro from this…

Niek/ Amsterdam

PS: Can you reproduce it?

I’ll try to find time later today.

One thought though is whether or not it might be easier to set up a group or output specifically for rendering this stuff and send from your tracks to that group/output. Then just do a quick selection on the timeline and do an offline export instead. Granted, you’d get whatever part of the chain precedes the send and fewer options, but maybe it’s less time consuming?

That’s another great workaround, thanks.
I think, though, that Sternberg should fix this. Render In Place is worthless otherwise, I think.
Unless I’m doing something wrong.

Niek/ Amsterdam.