[BUG] Copy/Paste Channel Settings & Freeze. make new Synth's unavailable

If we have Freezed instrument track (track A), and we copy Channel Setting to new one (track B), new one (track B) will be unavailable/unusable, and we can’t delete it from project.

How to reproduce:

  1. add any synth, write midi, make some changes in channel settings.
  2. Freeze track, after freeze, push “copy channel settings”
  3. add new synth, open channel editor - push “paste channel settings”

btw. similiar bug was in 10.0.40

EDIT: After re-launching cubase, “bugged” synths shown as Freezed :smiley:


I expect, your freeze settings was: “Freeze Instrument and Channels”, right? Am I right, if I try to reproduce it this way, please?

  • Add 2 Instrument tracks, MIDI Part, MIDI Notes.
  • Open Channel Settings Window of Instrument track 1 and make some changes (for example EQ).
  • Freeze the instrument track 1 with the settings: Freeze Instrument and Channels (Unload Instrument When Frozen is disabled).
  • In the Channel Settings Window of the frozen track choose Copy Channel Settings from the Functions menu.
  • Select Instrument Track 2 and from the Channel Settings Window > Functions menu choose Paste Channel Settings.
    -> The Instrument track 2 becomes frozen.
  • Click to unfreeze Instrument track 2.

=> The Instrument Track 2 is still kind of frozen (but the Freeze button looks disabled).

Workaround (which works in Cubase 11 only, doesn’t work in Cubase 10.5.20):

  • Freeze the Instrument track 2 again.
  • Unfreeze the Instrument track 2.

Could you confirm, please? Or do you have other scenario?

yes, exaclty!

i got error & dmp message
Cubase 64bit 2020.12.5 (1.1 MB)