Bug crash/hanging on editing Variaudio Cubase Pro 13

Editing variaudio - as soon as track opened and clicked on start editing Variaudio, warning “switching algorhythm”, crashes, spinning wheel 5+ minutes, force quit only option. See attached. Macbook Pro Silicon.

When I try to close down the project for restart, the “unloading project” hangs. Reboot of Mac etc don’t help. I changed preferences to always use “standard solo” preferences so Variaudio does not try to switch, after 1 or 2 edits which work OK again same issue, freeze/force quite required.


I sent you a Private Message, how create an *.ips crash file.

Btw, the graphic is really weired. You can see the keyboard only under the waveofrm, not the whole window.

Could you try to rename/remove all Cubase versions preferences folders, to get the factory settings, please?

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% \Steinberg\Cubase X_64

Where the X is the Cubase version (for example 13).

Same here…Seems to be mostly on lower frequency stuff. Frequent occurence with bass parts. Mac M2 OS 14.5.


I sent you the Private message too.

Thanks @Martin.Jirsak I am in middle of production job so can’t delete all preference settings! I will try create and send the crash file after that.