Bug: Creating two-note tremolos in 3/4

In 3/4 time you can’t create two-note tremolos without force duration.

This is because when you enter two dotted quarters in 3/4, it gets written as a dotted quarter and 8th tied quarter, and the tremolo tool isn’t smart enough to understand that this is the same duration.

Suggested Fix: Have the tremolo tool look at the semantic note length, not the written length.trem

This is something I requested like three or four years ago. Chances are it’s on the devs’ backlog, but hasn’t reached top priority yet :wink:

I managed to do this just now by setting the time signature to 3/4 = 6/8, making two dotted quarters, then the tremolo thereafter.

Easier and quicker to just force duration of the tied one.

that didn’t work for me (it was the first thing I tried)

It works fine if you turn on Force Duration before writing the second note.
If you’re applying Force Duration retrospectively, the key thing to remember is that Force Duration doesn’t turn the selection into a single note value, it locks the existing duration in place. As such, the required steps to turn an existing eighth-tied-to-quarter into a dotted quarter are as follows.

  1. Select the eighth-tied-to-quarter.
  2. O - this turns on Force Duration.
  3. 5 - this shrinks the note to an eighth, which is the longest legal single note value according to the time signature, position of the note within the bar and Notation Options
  4. 6. - this transforms the existing single note value into a dotted quarter
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