Bug Cubase 10 & 10.5 import the same xml at different times - linear time base

Dear Users / Support,

if you export some audio / Midi tracks (everything switched to Linear) those xml files are not imported correctly in a new project (Same fps) at the absolute correct time (the files are shifted somewhat to the right when imported).
The xml file export seems to be correct, because the xml Export from 10.5 following the same XML import in Cubase 10 in a new project yields to correct results in the timing imported.

This is definitely a bug in the import calculations of linear time based material inside Cubase 10.5, Please fix it.
Cheers, lokotus

Confirmed in Cubase 10.0.50 !!
Works as expected (ie. NOT an issue) in C9.5.50.

Lokotus - which version of C10 did you use?

10.5 gives me trouble when importing…

it would be great if someone could assign a CAN number…thanks…