BUG - Cubase 13.0.30 - import tracks from project tracks are in wrong order


i noticed a bug in the cubase import “spuren aus project” that the order of the tracks is not in the original order as from the source project

for example

the source project is setup with
1 group track
2 Folders with each 2 audiotracks
this scheme repeats

in Cubase 13.0.30
in the import screen dialog, the order of the tracks shows still correct in the same order as the source

but once the tracks are imported, the order is different, all the group tracks are moved to the end of the imported tracks and not in its original order anymore

compared to previous version, like here in Cubase 12.0.70, the import feature kept the original order of the tracks perfectly

its not a big deal to move the group tracks to its right position, but since this was always working properly, it would be nice if it could get fixed :wink:

(i always found annoying in the past that the track height of the source will not taken care of when you import from another project, but i guess thats for another topic :wink:


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Clearly, this “import tracks” feature seems to have been partly broken since the 13.0.30.

As far as I’m concerned, in this version, when I import tracks in LINEAR mode from a project, audio or midi events in the resulting track are at the wrong place when the tempo is different from the previous project (which is not the expected behaviour since the track is in linear mode). I’m still waiting an answer from the support.

I reverted back to the last previous version (13.0.21) and I don’t encounter your issue: if I import tracks, tracks are in the correct order. Therefore, this bug is definitely a 13.0.30 bug (your message is not clear whether you updated from 12.0.70 or 13.0.21, hence my answer)

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Hi DamienD

thank you very much for your reply, i actually did directly go from Cubase 12.0.7 to 13.0.30, so i have skipped all the inbetween versions.

kind regards