[BUG][Cubase 7.0.1] Window focus lost

Hi Steinberg,

I’ m very happy with Cubase 7! However, I found a critical bug in Cubase 7.01.

When Cubase is running, and I switch to another program, let’s say Firefox. Sometimes, when I return to Cubase, the focus on the Cubase window is lost. You hear this annoying sound which indicates you have another dialog box or window open, but there is not! This means you cannot click inside Cubase anymore and the only way to close Cubase is with task manager :exclamation:

This happened to me several times now, and it’s a very critical bug indeed! Hope you can fix this in a 7.0.2 bugfix release asap.

My config:

Windows 8 Pro x64
Cubase 7.01 x64
Asus P9X79
Intel Core I7
12GB Corsair RAM