BUG Cubase 8.0.3 unable to route FX tracks to Group tracks

I’ve discovered a bug in routing FX tracks and Groups in Cubase 8.0.3. Would love to know if this bug still exists in 8.5 as I know they have changed the creating of tracks, but here is the working method for replicating this bug in Cubase 8.0.3.

Goal - to create a parallel processing track and have all tracks outputted to an instrument group. For my example I’m going to use vocals.

  1. Have your vocals on an audio track.
  2. Create an FX track, load your compressor.
  3. Create a “vocal level” Group track so you can control the volume of the whole signal on one fader (and further process as needed)
  4. Send both the vocal audio track and your vocal FX track to this Group.

BUG - you will notice though you can send your audio to this “vocal level” to this group track, you cannot send your FX track output to this track.

Work around - you must create the group track first to be able to route your FX tracks. This obviously creates challenges as I sometimes need to add group tracks for summing after my FX tracks, and if I do this for whatever reason I cannot route my FX tracks output to any group track created after the FX track!

PLEASE fix this bug for us Cubase 8.0 users! This really is a show stopping bug as I do not know how I am suppose to route my FX track to my new groups and do not wish to delete the FX track as its full of automation!! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!