BUG: Cubase Pro 9.5.10

Whenever I load a project in Cubase, all of my levels are peaking and I’m trying to understand why :confused:
I didn’t hit the play button or space bar so the music can start playing. It just does this on its own… See…

Can someone help me please? :cry:
Is this a bug or something? :cry:

Wow, that looks bad. What instrument is it? Make sure the VSTi is up to date, please.

Do you use any Insert effects on the Channel?

No I don’t have any effects on the channel either or routed to a fx channel or anything. No matter what plugin I use, even the Cubase instruments still does that (plus I hear a pop sound when I had my headphones on) :cry:
Do you think it’s my interface? I have a Steinberg UR22mkII Recording Package
Do you think I should reinstall Cubase again on my computer? :confused:

Nevermind! Nevermind! :laughing:
When I looked under the “Audio Inserts” for both instrument tracks, look at what I’ve found…

:open_mouth: I can’t even remember if I even added any insert effects on these channels or not :confused:
Oh well :wink: thank you for helping me :smiley:
Next time I will try and remind myself to check under the Audio Effects before I complain about the popping noises :laughing:

I’m glad it works to you now.

That, and if it doesn’t seem to help and you suspect a VST instrument or plugin is behaving erratically, it’s a good idea to create a new clean project file and add it there.